Our Values

Education and freedom of information; training and professional development; German-Russian dialogue; promotion of European values; memorial activities in honor of Boris Nemtsov

“Democracy is universal. Democracy means the right of citizens to elect their leaders and to dismiss the leaders when they fail in their duties. Democracy means the right of citizens to criticize their leaders. Democracy means the right of citizens to information and independent courts.”

“Isolation from the West is pushing the country into China’s lap. Goodbye, Russia’s European choice! Welcome the Celestial Empire! This choice is civilizational and utterly unnatural, which is why educated and mindful people react to this so sharply and strongly. After all, Russia’s entire fate, her history and culture are linked with European and Christian traditions.”

“The road to freedom is treacherous and long. Do you think that if you are free to say whatever you want, you can fill your coffers with money? ‘In the beginning was the Word.’ The Jewish people wondered in the wilderness for forty years in order to forget their servitude. Instead of curtailing human rights, we need to choose a different path.”

Summer School of Journalism

The Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom offers a three-week intensive and interactive summer study program for young promising journalists. The Boris Nemtsov Academic Center for the Study of Russia established at the Faculty of Arts (Charles University) hosts the School.

It is an annual program that starts in mid-July and ends in early August.

The program at the Boris Nemtsov Summer School is fully funded designed for young journalists, media activists, and bloggers from Russia post-Soviet countries, Europe and the U.S. who are focused on Russia and the CIS region. Fluency in Russian is obligatory for all applicants.

The maximum group size is limited to 30 people.

The program offers:

  • Lectures and masterclasses taught by leading Russian and European journalists, political scientists, economists, and other public figures;
  • Case-study sessions;
  • Labs on the efficient distribution of media products via the Internet;
  • ABCs of shooting and video editing, infographics, and audio;
  • Visits to the local editorial offices and relevant NGOs;
  • Meetings with Czech politicians and opinion leaders.

Participants will be offered an extensive extra-curricular program including sightseeing tours and other activities.

Each participant of the School is expected to develop his/her own media product (text, video, or a combination of both) upon completion of the program . The concept note with a brief description of the proposed media product ( online or video formats) must be submitted along with the application. Your proposed media product should be relevant and explore an important political, social, or economic problem. Each participant will receive assistance and supervision during his/her work on the project.

We invite you to apply for the program.

The application period starts in late February. The deadline for application submission is March 31, 23:59 Prague time (GMT+1).   

Learn more about the program at summerschool.nemtsovfund.org.

If you have any questions, please do not hesistate to contact us. We can be reached via e-mail: summerschool@nemtsovfund.org.

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In memory of the lifetime achievements of the Russian statesman Boris Nemtsov the Foundation for Freedom gGmbH contributes to the spread of education, freedom, and progressive development.

Boris Nemtsov Forum

An independent platform for constructive EU-Russia dialogue. The Forum was launched in 2016 to facilitate discussions in order to enhance mutual understanding and foster strong relations between European and Russian thought leaders.

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Boris Nemtsov Prize for Courage

Nemtsov’s political legacy serves as the foundation for the idea behind the Boris Nemtsov Prize for Courage. The main goals of the prize are to encourage and to empower people who stand for democracy and human rights despite the increasing risk and mounting pressure.

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You can support the Boris Nemtsov Foundation through donations, volunteering and posts about our work on social media platforms. At least party, we rely on your donations to fund our educational programs, fellowships, round-tables on most pressing issues related to Russia and post-Soviet space and monthly monitoring on political persecution and repressive legislation in Russia. You can donate by filing out this form. Thank you very much!