Russian studies — Boris Nemtsov educational program

In 2023 the Faculty of Arts at Charles University launched a two-year accredited Master’s degree program. The program is supported by the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University in Prague.

«Russian studies — Boris Nemtsov Educational Program» — European Master’s program certified by the Faculty of Arts at Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic).

Duration of the program: 2 years.

Languages of instruction: Russian and English.

The program is focused on a comprehensive study of Russia after 1991 – the failed democratic transition and the current political regime; the economic transformation of Russia vs countries with socialist experience; patterns of Russian foreign policy; colonialism towards other countries and indigenous peoples; the state of Russian society; propaganda and the role of independent media.

Diversity and world-class expertise are our priorities. Our Faculty members include Czech professors, Russian-speaking scholars at risk and guest lecturers from Europe, the United States and Israel.

The program is open to candidates from around the world. Our students will be eligible for the European exchange program ERASMUS+.

If you have questions, write to [email protected]

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