Our Projects

Boris Nemtsov Forum

The Boris Nemtsov Forum serves as an independent platform for Russian-EU dialogue. The Forum aims to promote mutual understanding and cooperation through strengthening ties between Russian and European thought leaders and political figures. The first Boris Nemtsov forum was held in 2016.

Boris Nemtsov Prize

Boris Nemtsov emphasized to his friends and supporters: “You have to be courageous to secure your freedom in Russia,”  He lived in Russia under Vladimir Putin’s rule for 15 years, defending human rights despite increasing pressure from the authorities. Nemtsov, who believed firmly in Russia’s indispensable role on the European stage, acted as a principle defender of democratic values in Russia. As a result, he became one of the main enemies of the ruling regime.

Nemtsov’s political legacy serves as the foundation of the Boris Nemtsov Prize for Courage. The main goal of the Prize is to inspire and strengthen people who stand for the values of democracy and human rights despite the growing risks and pressure from the authorities.

Boris Nemtsov Academic Center

The Academic Center is a joint project of the Faculty of Arts  of Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic) and the Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom. The center regularly hosts public lectures by well-known Russian and European intellectuals, and supports Russian students who are unable to continue their studies in Russia for political reasons. The Center plans to conduct research projects, scientific conferences, and work with graduate students.

Boris Nemtsov Summer school of Journalism and Socio-cultural Studies

The Boris Nemtsov Summer school of Journalism and Socio-cultural Studies is an interdisciplinary program for young journalists, media, cultural and social activists. The school is held annually in Prague at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University. The training program is focused on journalism and socio-cultural research. It includes lectures by leading journalists, hands-on video and photography classes, and seminars about content distribution on the Internet.

Boris Nemtsov Fellowship program

This program provides support for political refugees and immigrants who were forced to leave their country, but still want to participate in their homeland’s political affairs.

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