Boris Nemtsov Academic Center

The Academic Center is a joint project of the Faculty of Arts at Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic) and the Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom. The Center organizes the annual Summer School of Journalism, policy workshops, academic seminars and conferences. It also grants scholarships to Russian and Ukrainian students and supports scholars at risk.
The Center played an important role in accreditation of bilingual Master’s degree program at the Faculty of Arts.


CDDRL policy workshops

The Nemtsov Foundation partners with Stanford’s Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law (CDDRL). We regularly organize joint policy workshops focused on specific aspects of good governance and successful implementation of reforms.  

Theme Seminars

In January 2022, the Nemtsov Center hosted a pilot virtual seminar on global corruption led by Timothy Frye, the professor of Politics at Columbia university and the author of “Weak Strongman,” a book about the political system in Russia.

Public Talks

The Nemtsov Center regularly holds public talks and book presentations at the Faculty of Arts in Prague. Our speakers have included political scientist Sergei Medvedev, media expert Vasily Gatov, journalist and author of the book about Boris Nemtsov “The Successor”, Mikhail Fishman, researcher and scholar Alexander Etkind, political scientist Kirill Rogov and many others.

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