Ideas for Russia

Ideas for Russia is a research initiative co-founded by the Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom in partnership with the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University and Prague-based Institute for International Relations.

The initiative establishes an academic network that is aimed at producing empirical scholarly insights on current and future trends in Russian society, politics, and economy.
Ideas for Russia fosters collaborative projects of reputable Russian at-risk researchers, Russia scholars in Europe and the U.S., as well as students interested in studying Russia.
We disseminate the insights of our contributors to public audiences around the globe.

It generates comprehensive research on contemporary Russian society, as well as produces an in-depth analysis of current and future trends in the Russian economy and politics. Our focus is on scholarly and empirical research that produces relevant policy proposals for decision-makers and establishes an academic network to disseminate them to public audiences around the world.

Ideas for Russia currently implements three research projects:

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