“Russian Political Warfare”: Book Presentation


Join us for a book presentation featuring: 
“Russian Political Warfare” by Dr. Anton Shekhovtsov. 
🗓️ Date: May 20th, 17:30
📍 Location: Faculty of Arts, Charles University, nám. Jana Palacha 1/2, room 325
💬 Language: English
Moderator – Dr. Dmitry Dubrovskiy

About the book: 

Political warfare is a grey area between peace and war. It involves diverse methods and instruments that go beyond traditional diplomacy and soft power but stop short of open kinetic conflict using nations’ regular armed forces. Dr. Anton Shekhovtsov will present his new book that discusses practices of Russian political warfare designed to advance Moscow’s strategic and tactical objectives using such instruments as interference in elections, politicisation of the COVID-19 pandemic, amplification of religious conflicts, subversion of democratic institutions, and support for anti-establishment forces.

About the author: 

Dr. Anton Shekhovtsov is the director of the Centre for Democratic Integrity in Vienna and a visiting professor at the Central European University. He is also the esteemed author of three books:
◾ “New Radical Rightwing Parties in European Democracies” (2011)
◾ “Russia and the Western Far-Right: Tango Noir” (2017)
◾ “Russian Political Warfare” (2023)
We look forward to welcoming you at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University.