Zhanna Nemtsova at MSC2024 : “We are entering a new era of struggle against the regime without Navalny”


On February 17, Zhanna Nemtsova spoke at the Munich Security Conference, the same conference where a day earlier Yulia Navalnaya made a statement about her husband’s death, and where in 2007 Putin delivered the famous Munich speech—a turning point for a new course in Russia’s relations with the West. The world has changed beyond recognition since then, and it changed again last Friday.

This time, there were only women on the podium: Zhanna was accompanied by political analyst Ekaterina Schulmann, co-founder of “Memorial” Irina Shcherbakova, and moderated by Fiona Hill, one of the best American experts on Russia. The panelists discussed the consequences of Navalny’s death in prison, the role of women in Russian society, and the demand for change in the country.

The recording of the discussion is available here: