Boris Zimin appointed Board Member of Nemtsov Foundation


Boris Zimin, head of Zimin Foundation:
«Boris Nemtsov was one of the most significant politicians in the Russian Federation and an absolutely wonderful person. The Foundation named after him adequately preserves and develops the political legacy of Boris Efimovich, and it was important for us, Zimin Foundation, to support the foundation created by Zhanna. I consider it an honor to be a member of his council.»

Zhanna Nemtsova, co-founder of the Foundation:
«Boris and Dmitry Zimin supported Nemtsov Foundation from the very beginning of its existence, which is especially valuable for me. They were one of the few Russians who believed in this initiative, despite the fact that I had no experience in managing non-profit organizations. With Zimin Foundation, we have a common vision of what we should be doing – education and the development of human capital. The Zimin Foundation supports us not only because of the tribute to the memory of my father, whom Boris and Dmitry Borisovich sincerely loved, but also because we successfully implement joint projects, including those to support Ukrainian and Russian students who cannot continue their education in their countries.»

The Board of the Boris Nemtsov Foundation is elected for three years. Authorizations can be extended once for the same period.