Boris Nemtsov Foundation demands freeing the Russian activist in Croatia


UPD: Aysoltan Niyazova was released on June 3, 2022 thanks to the efforts of her lawyer Lina Budak and various NGOs.

The Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom appealed to the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanding the immediate freeing of Aisoltan Niiazova. According to friends, the Russian opposition activist of Turkmen origin was detained on the border of Croatia at the request of Interpol of Turkmenistan on false and politically motivated charges. Her civil rights have been grossly violated. Despite having legal grounds to be in Europe, Aisoltan Niyazova is being held in prison, and she is not provided with a lawyer or an interpreter. Extradition to Turkmenistan could put Aisoltan Niiazova at risk of death.