Sergey Aleksashenko has become Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom co-Founder


We are pleased to announce that since December, 2020 Sergey Aleksashenko, who shares  our core values, has become Foundation’s  co-Founder. Sergey is a leading Russian economist who  held various senior positions  in the Russian government. He is currently a non-resident senior fellow senior fellow at Brookings Institution (USA). 

• Sergey Aleksashenko was born in 1959. In 1986 he graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the Moscow State University . For three and a half years he worked at the Central Economics and Mathematics Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences. In 1989 he completed his thesis.

• In  the period between 1990 and1998, Mr. Aleksashenko was in civil service. He was a senior specialist at the Economic Reform Commission of the Council of Ministers of the USSR. Then he became  Deputy Finance Minister of Russia. His responsibilities included: development of macroeconomic and  taxation policies and budget planning.Subsequently, he became First Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia, responsible for monetary and foreign exchange policies, accounting and settlement systems, negotiations with the IMF. During his time at the Central Bank of Russia, Mr. Aleksashenko served as a Board member of  Sberbank ,VTB Bank, MOSNARBANK (London) and Eurobank (Paris).

• After leaving civil service, Mr. Aleksashenko worked for private companies . He was Deputy General Director of «Interros», chaired the Boards of “Power Machines” and “Open Investments”, and served on the Boards of “Norilsk Nickel” and “Rosbank”. In 2006-2008 he was President and General Manager of Merrill Lynch, Russia. From 2008 to 2014 Mr.Akeksashenko was Director of Macroeconomic Research Center at the Higher School of Economics and was a member of the Board of Directors of Aeroflot, the United Aircraft Building Company, the United Grain Company and the National Reserve Bank. In 2010-2013 he was also a member of the Political Council of the People’s Freedom Party (PARNAS).

• In 2014 he moved to Washington (USA), where he is currently a non-resident  senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

• In an interview with “Radio Liberty”, Sergey Aleksashenko said that he left Russia because of restrictions related to his professional career. There were also personal security concerns, he shared. Also, Mr. Aleksashenko saw no prospects for his children.

 • Mr. Aleksashenko appears on “Personalno Vash” , a weekly radio program aired by “Echo of Moscow” radio station. Together with program’s moderators he discusses the most pressing political and economic issues for Russia.