Oleg Sentsov became the laureate of the Sakharov Prize, Boris Nemtsov Foundation comment.


Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison on charges of terrorism and also was hunger-striking during more than 140 days, demanding the release of Ukrainian political prisoners, was awarded the Sakharov prize For Freedom of Thought. The prize was established by the European Parliament in 1988.

Boris Nemtsov Foundation commented on the award to Oleg Sentsov: “We greet the decision of the European Parliament. Oleg Sentsov showed that he is ready to sacrifice his life for his beliefs. His long-term hunger strike has not reached the goal – Ukrainian political prisoners are still in Russian prisons. But this act drew attention to the situation of many people in the world. And this is important – publicity helps in the fight for human rights.”

The full text of the article devoted to the award of Oleg Sentsov can be found on the website of the Friedrich Nauman Foundation by the link: