Our Values

Education and freedom of information; training and professional development; German-Russian dialogue; promotion of European values; memorial activities in honor of Boris Nemtsov

“Democracy is universal. Democracy means the right of citizens to elect their leaders and to dismiss the leaders when they fail in their duties. Democracy means the right of citizens to criticize their leaders. Democracy means the right of citizens to information and independent courts.”

“Isolation from the West is pushing the country into China’s lap. Goodbye, Russia’s European choice! Welcome the Celestial Empire! This choice is civilizational and utterly unnatural, which is why educated and mindful people react to this so sharply and strongly. After all, Russia’s entire fate, her history and culture are linked with European and Christian traditions.”

“The road to freedom is treacherous and long. Do you think that if you are free to say whatever you want, you can fill your coffers with money? ‘In the beginning was the Word.’ The Jewish people wondered in the wilderness for forty years in order to forget their servitude. Instead of curtailing human rights, we need to choose a different path.”