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Boris Nemtsov

©Mitya Aleshkovskiy

Boris Nemtsov is a Russian slain opposition politician. A physicist by training, he rose to prominence in the 80s as an environmental activist. In the 90s, he held senior positions in the government under Boris Yeltsin, Russia’s first President. In the 2000s, Nemtsov became one of the most influential voices against the authoritarian regime, gaining ground under Vladimir Putin’s leadership. He authored numerous anti-corruption reports exposing grand corruption in the Russian elites.  On February 27, 2015 Nemtsov was assassinated in the shadow of the Kremlin walls.  This murder has become one of the most high-profile assignations in modern Russia. Up to these days, the official criminal investigation is unable to answer two key questions — who masterminded Nemtsov’s killing and what the motive was. The international community recognizes it was a politically motivated murder and calls on the Russian authorities to ensure a full and transparent investigation.